We love what we do

We are a proud example of what Argentina has to offer. We stand for friendliness, taste, and good fun. Argentinians love to take their time to appreciate the little things, like going out with friends for a quick bite and a beer (or a steak sandwich and wine) and chat about life. We recreate that soul of Buenos Aires, that openness, that bohemian spirit.

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We carry our heritage

Many of our parents and grandparents came from Europe after WW2, and they brought with them the idea of forging a great country. They taught us the value of hard work and aiming for the best, without forgetting what life is really about: Friends, wine, and great food.

A mix of cultures

Coming from a wide variety of nations, and faced with new ingredients they created an extraordinary culinary mix, and so were born all of our traditional recipes. With loads of free country, they raised our world-renowned cattle and farmed our lands to get some of the best fruits and vegetables you can find. And this is what we use in our food, for you to taste the real deal.

You are always welcome

Gather your friends and grab a bite with us, in one of London´s most amazing places, Borough Market. We are looking forward to meeting you!